Special Event

Halloween SPOOKtacular

Welcome to our 2nd HALLOWEEN SPOOKtacular Sketching Event.

Don on your Halloween attire or mask or just use the Zoom filter to add a fun Halloween theme to your face as we take you through a chilling tour of the most haunted places and creepiest places on the planet and some fun Halloween themed scenes.

     Haunted Places around the World
     Spookiest Places in Every State *USA
     Abandoned Beauties (more like Creepies)
     Halloween Decorations -Brooklyn
     NYC Halloween Parade
     Conde Naste- Most Terrifying Places
     Salem, Massachusetts Halloween
     Terrifyingly Cute Halloween Costumes for Pets

All Virtual New York Urban Sketchers events are one session (10 am -12 pm EST) held on Saturdays. For participants wanting to challenge themselves sketching more of a particular locality or theme, you are welcome to do the EXTENSION SKETCH PROJECT below:

Halloween Extension Sketch Project:
Choose of the following prompt to sketch:

(a) NYC Halloween Parade Scene
(b) an abandoned mansion in extreme despair
(c) island of the Dolls (Mexico)
(d) costumed pets

*Please post your finished sketches
to the USK NYC Facebook Site
Be sure to add the hash tag #NUS.

Facilitators of Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers
  • Theresa Smith
  • Lynda Greeley (Mama Bear)
  • Cecilia Evasco (Maricel)
  • Dina Schlesinger
  • Michael Skelly
  • Alan Wernicke
  • Elizabeth Birkby
with the assistance of Mark Leibowitz
founder of USK NYC

web site design by Cecilia Evasco
for Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers
under the auspices of USK NYC
Scheduled for October 30, 2021

Coming UP: Indigenous Day

Halloween SKETCH EVENT imageHalloween SKETCH EVENT image
  • Orangeburg, New York, United States